credit card debt relief

Debt is a monster that has attacked the lives, mental health, and relationships of millions of Americans.

It can lead to depression, a sense of failure, and overall unhappiness.

The good news is that every year, a large number of Americans successfully pay off their debts and live the coveted debt-free lifestyle.

Here are five tips on how to pay off your debt.

Tip #1: Enroll in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

One of the wisest steps you can take towards becoming debt-free is to find professional help. Financial Peace University is one of the most reputable programs for debt relief. It was created by financial guru Dave Ramsey.

He has learned from his financial mistakes, as he was a millionaire in his twenties, only to lose it all by the time he was thirty. He has developed an excellent program with “baby steps” to help couples and singles become debt-free.

Chances are, there is a Financial Peace University class near you. It is a thirteen-week class where you will watch videos from Dave Ramsey, and then discuss them in a small group.

If you visit the Financial Peace University website here, you can type in your zip code to find classes in your area.

If there is no one near where you live (although I recommend even driving up to an hour for the class), or it doesn’t’ fit in your schedule, you can take Dave Ramsey’s classes online. Visit here to learn more.

Tip #2: Search for opportunities for additional income.

In order to pay off the debt, you need to have the money to do so. It might be wise to look for a temporary second job if you can fit it in your schedule.

Some places will need extra help around the holidays, or you can look at some opportunities such as a newspaper route, delivering pizza in the evenings, or a fireworks stand in the summer.

Obviously, that’s not feasible for everyone. And. of course, the job market in some areas might be poor. You can consider getting a work-at-home job.

If you think you’d like to work from home, read “Legitimate and Scam-Free Work at Home Jobs” and “Legitimate Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs.” You might also check out Fantastic Home Based Jobs and Business Ideas.”

Additionally, I recommend reading “Best Forums, Message Boards, and Online Support Groups for Work at Home Moms” and “More Forums for Work-at-Home Moms.”

Tip #3: Make Changes to Your Budget.

It’s time to examine your budget and see what expenses you can eliminate and put towards the debt. For example, it’s to rethink those manicures, lattes, and new clothes.

Perhaps you might need to cut your grocery bill and buying generic and using coupons. Don’t have time to clip coupons or don’t want to buy a newspaper?

Read “Buy Coupons Online: Save Money, Time and Cut Your Grocery Bill” for places to buy coupons from.

Tip #4: Find Support Online

Another helpful task is to find encouragement online. There are thousands of other people in your situation, and you can find support from them at your computer.

Read “Debt Support Groups: Find Credit Card Debt Support Online” for some links.

Tip #5: Live Frugally

In order to destroy the debt, you might have to make some significant changes to your lifestyle. You might have to become more frugal and live within your means.

For tips on living a frugal lifestyle, you might join online frugal living message boards. Read “Frugal Living Message Boards and Forums” for helpful links.

These are just five tips for paying off debt. Congratulations on your decision. Good luck as you tackle the debt!

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