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Latin tattoo translation

For all those in search of a professional online English to Latin translator for the creation of personal and customised Latin tattoos, as well as expert information on Latin writing, fonts and appropriate image, Classical Turns offers the service to complete your project at a swift turnaround and at the lowest rates available online.

Latin Tattoos: Further Information

Latin is a complicated language and online automated programs, whether they are free or charge a fee, simply do not work, but rather spew out a meaningless string of verbiage., and even if they select the right word, it is typically in the wrong form (person, number, tense,  voice, case, gender etc.). In a matter as serious as a Latin tattoo, the possibility of error is frankly not a risk that can be allowed. For a small sample of the remarkable mistakes that people have made in the creation of their own Latin tattoos - with permanent consequences - see Latin tattoos gone wrong. For reasons why a professional Latin translator, and Classical Turns in particular, should be considered, see Why Classical Turns?. Latin tattoos are certainly fashionable at present but there remains great scope to create a tattoo that is unique and personal to you: why trawl through lists online of Latin sayings, phrases, tags or mottoes, when you can express exactly what you desire in your own elegant Latin? Classical Turns welcomes the possibility of discussing whatever tattoo ideas you have, however particular and precise, or abstract and requiring refinement.

Classical Turns is a popular translation service run by a professional Latin scholar at a world-leading university. Among the various services of the company is accurate and elegant translation of English phrases and passages into Latin (or Ancient Greek) for tattoos, in which  ancient language(s) the concision and clarity of expression is unparallaled. Typically Classical Turns can provide the following information and advice (as requested) within ten hours,  and often within just a couple of hours, beginning at the lowest fees available online:


> Accurate translation of any passage of English (or another major modern language) into accurate and attractive Latin (or Ancient Greek), according to the form that the language had in the Ancient World. Precise definitions and meanings, along with appropriate explanation of context, are regularly given, with discussion of alternative wordings or word orders, so as to allow the client to select the most attractive phrase available, in both its sound and specific meaning.


> Useful information regarding the most appropriate fonts for your Latin tattoos, as well as matters relating to the arrangement, punctuation and lettering.


> Suggestions of  appropriate images or setting (if desired).


> Expert information regarding pronunciation of the tattoo can be given, or (for a small extra surcharge) a sound recording of the pronunciation of the tattoo can be sent with the translation.


Links can be sent on request for anyone wishing to see pictures of various designs of Latin tattoos, whether on the wrist, chest, back or elsewhere. Just send a direct email for further information. The most popular Latin phrases for tattoos are carpe diem ('seize the day'), solum deus me iudicare potest ('only God can judge me'), homo fuge ('run away, man'), omnia vincit amor or amor vincit omnia ('love conquers all'), te amo ('I love you'), dum spiro spero ('for as long as I breathe, I hope'), per aspera / ardua ad astra ('through difficulties to the stars'), alis volat propriis ('she(/he) flies with her own wings'), quod me nutrit me destruit ('that which nourishes me destroys me'), veritas ('truth') and various religious formulae (primarily Christian). Yet these phrases are now so common in Latin tattoos that Classical Turns would strongly advise that you conjure up a new, personal phrase in English, which can duly be turned into Latin. We look forward to hearing from you about your own project.


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