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Classical Turns offers professional Latin translation at the lowest prices online for private customers and institutions. Prices for English to Latin translations (or Ancient Greek) are offered at the cheapest rates and with the fastest turnarounds available: expert Latin translations begin at $6 or £4 and all projects are processed every day throughout the year.

A swift and reliable translation service is available for all those who seek to obtain an accurate rendering of phrases or passages of English into Classical Latin or Ancient Greek, or require services for Greek or Latin translation into English, for purposes that range from serious academic research or the production of official documents to the creation of simple mottoes or phrases for private or commercial use. Accurate sound files to aid pronunciation can also be provided in mp3 format. Branding and naming projects are also undertaken for business clients who wish to infuse their product or business with the gravitas that the Classical languages of Latin and Greek can confer. For further information about the services available from Classical Turns, please visit:


The Personal page to learn more about quick, professional English to Latin translation services (or English to Ancient Greek)

The Academic page for information about our expert Latin to English translation service (or Ancient Greek to English)

The Company Branding page for details about business services in Latin and Greek

And the Latin Tattoo page for our very popular services in online Latin tattoo translation

The various services offered by Classical Turns brings years of expertise in the fields of Latin and Ancient Greek translation to an exceptionally wide spectrum of projects. Classical Turns strives to meet the specific needs of a client as best as possible, producing efficient results strictly to their satisfaction. Please take some time to browse the contents of this website: a small sample of simple Greek and Latin translation or naming projects undertaken by Classical Turns can be found here, and the very competitive rates offered for translation can be found here. For an explanation about why automatic Latin translation websites will not be of any help for English to Latin translation, and for why the services of Classical Turns should be solicited as your English to Latin translator, please see here. A form for any enquiries, orders or quote requests can be found here, or alternatively a direct email can be sent to Classical Turns. A reply is typically given within 12 hours, and very often within one hour.



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